AROGYA : New Song & Video „Fade Away“ released!

At the heart of Fade Away lies a tale of pain and heartbreak caused by lost love, an eternal love that was not meant to be. This broken love becomes a source of all consuming darkness to an immortal being as centuries of suffering and sorrow passes by. A flow of intense cravings for a loved one who you’ll never hold in your arms or express your feelings to again. The memories of lost dreams and waiting for the beloved to return will slowly fade away, leaving behind only anguish and loneliness. The song ultimately is one of letting go, to move on with whatever little hope that is left.

Overall, Fade Away is a powerful, captivating and emotionally charged song with fine haunting vocals and a wistful ambience. Hopefully it will leave a lasting impression on the listener, resonating long after the final notes fade away.

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