GODSNAKE Unleashes Lyric Video For New Single „Story Of A Ghost“, Feat. ONSLAUGHT Guitarist Wayne Dorman!

May 12, 2023 sees Hamburg-based metal maniacs, GODSNAKE , release their sophomore studio album, Eye For An Eye, via Massacre Records. Following a previously-shared, first album appetizer, „The Sickening“, today, the band has unleashed a lyric video for their second single „Story Of A Ghost“, featuring Wayne Dorman of thrash metal titans ONSLAUGHT on a guest guitar solo!

„This track is about the individual demons and ghosts that people have to deal with.
Very different, personal tormentors that make one’s life hell, even if other people can’t understand or relate to it at all,“ the band comments.

„This general placeholder can be filled and brought to life by practically any listener. Addictions and dependencies, phobias or traumas, depressions and diseases, all this can be the subject here.
Musically, a very powerful and fast, compact and heavy song. The shortest track in the band’s history, with a playing time of under 3 minutes. For the guitar solo Wayne Dorman from the UK Thrash Metal legend ONSLAUGHT could be enlisted.“

Watch the new GODSNAKE clip for „Story Of A Ghost“ HERE:

Contemporary heavy metal with significant references to some of the big old masters: straight, hard, riff-orientated, but never missing catchiness and hook lines. The reptile that is GODSNAKE has been up to mischief in the heavy music scene since 2015 and has successfully established itself in the metallic jungle. Torger (vocals), Stevo (guitar), The Walt (bass) and Sidney (drums), who were already involved in the album Poison Thorn, were reinforced in 2022 by guitar wizard Pepe (Ancient Curse, Sons Of Seasons).

With their second full-length album, the 5 musicians want to prove and renew the very positive feedback of the debut and thus maintain their place in the ranking. 10 new songs in 47 minutes – straight in your face! Versatile, heavy, catchy, and very powerful, that’s what GODSNAKE stands for.

Like their much acclaimed debut, Eye For An Eye was recorded and produced in the LSD studios in Lübeck by mastermind Lasse Lammert (e.g., Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Wind Rose etc.).

The motto for the cover and artwork was ’never change a winning team‘, so the band was once again able to win over Björn Gooßes / Killustrations (including Amon Amarth, Death Angel, Hatesphere) for the design duties.

Eye For An Eye will be out on May 12, 2023 through MASSACRE RECORDS.

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Torger – Vocals
Stevo – Guitar
Pepe – Guitar
The Walt – Bass
Sidney – Drums