Thunderblood – The Final Beginning – Release: 04.03.23

Forged deep within the earth’s crust over unfathomable aeons, a rare composite of unique elements erupts into our midst!! Perth-based metal four-piece ThunderBlood is comprised of former members of Extant, Tabryss and Reaper’s Riddle – now metamorphosed into a heavy ass band that stubbornly defies any further classification!

An enigmatic presence in the Perth metal scene for several years, ThunderBlood has made a serious impression on those who have experienced their theatrical and entertaining live shows and powerful, meaty riffs. With a broad stylistic range, their sound is rooted in groovy rhythms with tasty licks and catchy choruses (with just a pinch of tongue-in-cheek humour). Walking the line between hard rock, classic heavy metal and more modern metal, ThunderBlood presents a solid and hard-hitting sound with songs full of character and intense, engaging and fun live performances.

Having played in and around Perth since 2019, including Metal United Down Under (2021), Hornography and supporting interstate touring band Hidden Intent (SA), ThunderBlood has slowly but surely amassed a curiosity and an intrigue around their unusual style which stands out from their peers and refuses to fit neatly into any generic box. 

Opting to skip the demo/EP phase, ThunderBlood have burst out of the gates with lead single ‘Crocodile Eggs’ from their debut album ‘The Final Beginning’ (dropping March 4th 2023, engineered and mixed by Simon Mitchell [Chaos Divine] and mastered by Forrester Savell [Karnivool, Make Them Suffer, Animals As Leaders]). Accompanying film clips directed by award-winning filmmaker Peter Renzullo have been some of the most dynamic and creative music videos ever coming out of Western Australia. 

It’s full steam ahead for this Aussie metallic quartet, and the impending release of the full-length album marks a point in music history from which there is no return!! 

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