DORNENREICH announce special show at the Pauluskirche in Dortmund, Germany on March 4, 2023

With this church concert, the Austrian arcane musical magicians will continue their Mystic Places concert series. These events follow a specific arc of suspense with DORNENREICH featuring tracks from across their catalogue — including rarely performed classics such as ‚Reime faucht der Märchensarg‘, ‚Dem Wind geboren‘, and ‚Ich bin ein Stern‘.

DORNENREICH comment: „We love to perform in spiritual places that enhance the subtle force of acoustic music“, writes vocalist Eviga. „Those concerts are gatherings of people that are passionate about music and together we create the special magic of a live performance. This has been the hallmark of our Mystic Places concerts for more than a decade by now. it has been a while and we can hardly wait to meet you at the Pauluskirche. See you in Dortmund!“