THE LOYAL CHEATERS release first single and video from upcoming album; „And All Hell Broke Loose“ to be released April 26 via Go Down Records! 

April 26 will see the release of „And All Hell Broke Loose“, the sophomore studio album by Italian/German action rock outfit THE LOYAL CHEATERS, which will be coming out on Go Down Records.

„And All Hell Broke Loose“ is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a fuel against the fast-paced, love-deprived society we find ourselves in. Raspy vocals and high-voltage guitars serve as a sonic rebellion, channeling the raw energy of punk souls that refuse to be silenced. Memories of the past mingle with a sense of uncertainty about the future, and they offer no answer for living in the present. Through their music, THE LOYAL CHEATERS challenge the status quo, daring to confront the harsh truths of our reality head-on.

In support of the upcoming album, the band has released their first single „Can’t Go Out“. The intense track is accompanied by a video that you can watch here:

Stream the single HERE

This song is about the edge of the denial phase when the world’s chaos is kept at bay,“ THE LOYAL CHEATERS comment. „People reach out, but we’re tethered to our solitude. Boss calls, mama beckons, yet the guitar remains our steadfast companion. But in the chorus of denial, a stark truth emerges: ‚I can’t go out.‘ It’s the admission that shakes the very foundation of our sheltered existence, where the once assured ‚everything I need‘ fades into uncertainty. For sometimes, staying in is the most intimate rebellion of all.

Lena McFrison | vox, guitar
Max Colliva | guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Gun | bass guitar, backing vocals
Richie Raggini | drums

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