PAINT THE SKY RED – Tamat – Release: 09.02.24 – Genre: Post Rock

Every journey has its end. „Tamat“ is the last and final album by Singapore’s finest Post-Rock band. In 2009 the quartet wrote the first songs, that got released on their selftitled debut album in 2011. Four years later the genre milestone and instant classic „Not All Who Wonder Are Lost“ got released and brought international attention to the band.

2019 the third album „There Is A Tomorrow You Don’t Know“ followed the way of the predecessor. Now after almost 15 years „Tamat“ will mark the end of the project. In malay „tamat“ means „the end“, „completed“ or „finished“, which expresses the final thoughts and feelings of this creative journey.

The final seven songs deliver again a highly flavorful musical experience. Captivating layers of guitar, catchy melodies and a tireless tempo create an expressive atmosphere that runs through the entire album. Every songs works on his own, but grows in the concept of the album. An abosolute genre-gem. Even without vocals, each song tells its own story that is captivating and seamlessly connects to the following story.

Sometimes euphoric, sometimes melodically dreamy, sometimes short-tempered wild and sometimes dark and tense. The album has an enormous depth and versatility and is not least considered a modern classic of the genre. Even after the twentieth listen, there are still new details to explore.

PAINT THE SKY RED about the band’s upcoming and final album: „In ‘TAMAT’, we bid a heartfelt farewell to our own creative journey with a sense of closure and gratitude. We hope the songs from this album will provide solace to those navigating their own endings and new beginnings.

Before we call time on our journey as a band as well, we hope to perform to audiences anywhere in the world as much as we’re able to. Every performance from now will be treated as if it’s our last. We look forward to seeing you at our next show. Thank you for your kind support all these years. Every journey has its end. Tamat.“

Release: 09.02.2024, Moment of Collapse Records PAINT THE SKY RED are:

Bass – Yasser Bin Abd Wahab. Drums – Muhammad Fahmi Bin Jamal Guitar – Nur Hakim Alim Bin Salim Guitar – Nurazman Bin Abdul Rahman

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