AUSTERE reveal new single ‚The Sunset of Life‘ taken from forthcoming new album „Beneath the Threshold“

AUSTERE release ‚The Sunset of Life‘ as the next single taken from the Australian black metal duo’s forthcoming new album „Beneath the Threshold“. The fourth full-length of the band from Wollongong in New South Wales has been scheduled to hit stores on April 5, 2023. 

Stream the Single here on YouTube:

AUSTERE comment: „The second track that we wrote for the record, ‚The Sunset of Life‘ is one that shows some entirely new ideas for Austere to date“, guitarist and singer Mitchell Keepin states on behalf of the duo. „We feel this song is more in line with our current musical vision and writing. It allowed us to create something new, as opposed to being tied to our earlier works that we felt unable to escape when creating ‚Corrosion of Hearts‘. There are plenty of melodies and ideas from our past within this track, but it feels more inspired and explores new territory. Some rather ‚rock‘ sounding riffs evolve into an epic and atmospheric sound. To me this one feels a little nostalgic in the sense that the song reminds me of a particular group of Swedish bands that I listened to when I was younger.“

Mitchell Keepin – guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Tim Yatras – drums, keyboards, vocals