Ready for a killer show? In November 2023, industrial horror sensation SKYND will be coming to Germany for several club shows

Not much is known about the duo consisting of the eponymous singer Skynd and multi-instrumentalist Father, but it is known that they founded their project in Sydney, Australia, in 2017.

However, their music doesn’t sound at all like the sunny Down Under. As a concept band, SKYND is firmly committed to one theme: True Crime. It’s not light fare – the songs are about serial killers, mass murders and mysterious deaths, which is why the titles are „Richard Ramirez“, „Columbine“ or „Jim Jones“.

In 2018, they released their first single „Elisa Lam“ and made such an impression with their morbid industrial rock on Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, among others, that he immediately took part in their second single „Gary Heidnik“. SKYND released their debut EP „Chapter I“ in the same year, followed by „Chapter II“ in 2019.

With their theatrical visuals and performances, SKYND can keep up with many a horror movie. In 2022, they released their latest single „John Wayne Gacy“, with which they once again dared to look into the deepest abysses of the human psyche. They translate their findings into experimental, dark and mechanical sounds that have never been heard before.

After a summer tour supporting Ice Nine Kills, SKYND will return to Germany in November 2023 for several headline shows. In their luggage: some of the most gruesome tales in rock history. Attend at your own risk!

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