Dutch hardrocking metal band HVALROSS is at it again, with their second single this year ‘Mercenary Knight’

The Song is a rocking, dynamic tune Track. Melodic parts interwoven with intense choruses and proggy interludes.

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Hvalross is a four piece hard rocking band, not from Norway as the name would suggest, but from the South of the Netherlands. The band saw first light in the spring of 2018, but the members have been rocking since they were teenagers in the late eighties. Hvalross wants to honour these times. The hard rock and heavy metal from the seventies and eighties therefore has a strong base in their sound and lyrics, supplemented with influences from contemporary stoner and heavy rock music. It is said that you can hear influences from Mastodon, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Expect the classic compact four-piece rock band, in a set up just like our heroes Black Sabbath, with melodic classic hard rock vocals over a rhythmic band. Heavy and monstrous like a walrus combined with an energetic stage performance.

In October 2020 Hvalross released their debut album ‚Cold Dark Rain‘ on the regular streaming platforms. Because of the bands sentiments for the good old eighties, it is also released on ‚cold rain‘ coloured vinyl. The album was well received and Hvalross got representation by Hard Life Promotions. Sadly, Covid did not make it possible to promote the album live and made original drummer Tristan decide to quit the band in 2021. Hvalross quickly got back in battle formation with our good friend and drummer Marc. Continuing to unleash new music on the world, after Running the Gauntlet it is now time for “MERCENARY KNIGHT”!!



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