RAVE THE REQVIEM – Ex-Eden – Release: 06.10.23

Sweden’s illustrious industrial metal pioneers, Rave The Reqviem, have consistently pushed the boundaries of musical experimentation. Renowned for their distinctive fusion of metal, electronic elements, and symphonic influences, the band have unveiled their fifth full-length studio album, „Ex-Eden,“ and release a new music video for the track ‚Exit Babylon‘ on YouTube. 

The new album features eleven meticulously crafted tracks that showcase the band’s signature blend of heavy guitars, epic strings, and powerful beats. With „Ex-Eden“Rave The Reqviem presents their darkest, heaviest, and most defined album to date. The band embarks on a soul-searching journey through themes of death and despair within a deteriorating paradise. This new sonic assault features heavy guitars, hard-hitting beats, sweet melodies, catchy hooks, and epic Baroque orchestrations. At its core, the new album „Ex-Eden“ explores the theme of „loss of faith.“ It delves into the darkest and most cynical corners of human existence while maintaining an undeniable sense of power and resilience. It is a profound sonic journey that challenges conventions and redefines the boundaries of modern metal.

Watch the new video for the song ‘Exit Babylon’ now here: 

‘Exit Babylon,’ co-written with Jake E (Cyhra, ex-Amaranthe) and Jesper Strömblad (Halo Effect, ex-In Flames), is probably the most accessible track from the band to this day. This dancefloor-friendly hit song is inspired by the Old Testament and the enslavement of God’s people by tyrants and sinners in golden halls. A hard-hitting metaphor for surviving even the most relentless of difficulties in this life.

„Ex-Eden“ invites the listeners to explore the depths of Rave The Reqviem’s musical evolution and the transformative power of their artistry as a testament to their unrelenting brutality and enduring beauty. Get or stream the album here:


01. (0)485
02. Doombreaker
03. Anti-Savior
04. Ofelia
05. How To Hate Again feat. Jake E
06. God, Demon, Machine
07. Zero Solace
08. Edge Of Eden
09. REQVIEM_05 feat. Ruinizer
10. Exit Babylon
11. Angry All The Time 

Rave The Reqviem online:

Rave The Reqviem is:
The Prophet – Vocals, Guitars, Programming
The Sister Svperior – Vocals
The Cantor – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
The Archbishop – Bass
The Deacon – Drums