Comedian BÜLENT CEYLAN release his first Metal Single/Video today!

When metal meets attitude: Bülent Ceylan loves all people

He stands for a multicultural Germany. For comedy with attitude. And for his love of metal, which he embodies not only with his long hair and headbanging moves. BÜLENT CEYLAN

is a comedian. Mediator of people, cultures and religions. Full-blooded musician. And he loves people. Because even if he knows that they hardly deserve it, he is also one of them.

It is precisely this strong message that the singer shouts out to the world with the first single from his upcoming album, making a clear statement: I LOVE PEOPLE.

It is the supposedly contradictory elements that make ICH LIEBE MENSCHEN the rousing song that it is. Hard metal tones meet lyrics with depth.

Energetic melodies meet an empowering message. And lines with a wink at serious reminders. Because just as contradictory as the pieces of the puzzle that make up the track

a great whole, we humans are just as contradictory as the puzzle pieces that make up the track.

They are still basically like monkeys,

and on the way to abolishing themselves.

Maybe the world would be a better place without them,

but I hope they spare themselves.

„Of course, human beings are not necessarily good. We make a lot of mistakes, do a lot of bad things, but there are also good things that distinguish us: unconditional love, for example. We

humans can laugh, love, cry“ BÜLENT CEYLAN looks at the soulful message of the first single release of his metal album of the same name, which was produced in collaboration with Henning

Verlage, Christian Neander and Martin Fliegenschmidt. And just as the man from Mannheim loves all people, he also wants all people equally with the track.

reach. „We don’t just want to reach the comedy audience, but really all people and musicians,“ is how the 47-year-old classifies his music, which he describes as positive metal.

ICH LIEBE MENSCHEN is a song that begins with loud metal tones and ends with a respectful message. A track that makes you smile and equally makes you think. And a

And a song that goes forward with hard sounds to finally become all the more contemplative. Completely without Klamauk. But rather with a message that concerns us all:

I love people,

there are also usually good reasons,

that you find them rather shit.

But the truth is …

I love people!

The new single „ICH LIEBE MENSCHEN“ by BÜLENT CEYLAN and the accompanying video, will be released on 06.10.2023 via OneFourAll Music (Universal Music) on all digital platforms: