PANICWAVES – New Single / Video ‚Promise‘ Released 

panicwaves is a powerful alternative metal band with heart-wrenching vocals. Today, the emerging band has released their latest single and the accompanying music video titled ‚Promise‘. The official music video for ‚Promise‘ is available on YouTube: 

In their song ‚Promise,‘ panicwaves take us on an emotional journey. The song revolves around the fear of losing someone who has treated us poorly in the past. The lyrics reflect the feeling of becoming so attached to someone and getting used to it to the point where one doesn’t even notice being subconsciously suppressed and manipulated. The line „I had enough of it“ illustrates the turning point where one must break free from this toxic relationship with the support of loved ones.
panicwaves draws inspiration from personal experiences, infusing their songs with authentic depth. Since their debut, the band has aimed to create modern and exciting music that tells their own story. Already in 2022, the quartet made a name for themselves with their debut single and captured the hearts of fans during their first tour.  panicwaves are signed to Easthaven Records. Listen here:
Sandro – vocals
Timo – bass
Florian – guitar
Nico – drums