ERIC FISH & FRIENDS – Untiefen – Release: 29.09.23

Who doesn’t know it, the genre of serious light music called „Liedermacher“? But what does Liedermacher mean? It’s about the unpretentious performance of songs with profound content, an art that was shaped by greats like Hannes Wader, Gerhard Schöne, Reinhard Mey and Hermann van Veen. And this is exactly what captivated the young ERIC FISH. He wanted to make music that gets under your skin. Music with meaning. And the seventh album of his band ERIC FISH & FRIENDS, UNTIEFEN, impressively shows that he has achieved exactly that.

The lyrics on UNTIEFEN are personal, intimate and profound. They reflect the tendencies of our society and point out the consequences of culture-free times. But the band has also processed a positive mood of departure in the songs. The music is powerful and authentic, the lyrics make you feel like you are part of the story. It is a journey through the soul of man, in all its facets. Romanticism, humanism and pacifism are combined here in a unique way. And yet each song is rocking and melodic, sensitive and powerful at the same time. One has no chance to escape the forcefulness of this music.

Imagine it’s war and everyone goes – this sentence stays in your head long after the album is over. UNTIEFEN is more than just a call to action. It is an ode to life, to love and to humanity. What are UNTIEFEN? Just dangerous places in the sea? No, on this album they are much more. They are metaphors for the deep chasms in the soul of the lyricist. Intimate insights alternate with analysis of our society. We all know the tendencies that surround us – but don’t we often ignore them? UNTIEFEN is a warning, a call to action!

An indescribable energy resonates in every note. The rocking rhythms and sensitive melodies won’t let you go. Because UNTIEFEN is not just an album, but an experience. A call to reflection and action. A musical explosion full of power and passion that you just can’t ignore.

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