PROPHECY FEST 2023: Photos online!

The PROPHECY FEST is now more than a week ago and the pre-sale for the Prophecy Fest 2024 has already started.

We have used the time in the last few days to sort and view our photos of the festival.

You can find our photos of Prophecy Fest 2023 on

For the first time for Music-Rebels.Com at Prophecy Fest 2023 was our Staff Cindy.

Cindy about the Prophecy Fest

The Prophecy Fest is now a few days ago and I am still processing the intense and great impressions of this breathtaking location. For me it was the first time in the Balver Höhle and I can already say that it was the most beautiful festival I have ever been to.

All in all it was very familiar and manageable. The fact that the band members are just standing in the crowd of the festival area and you can just say „hello“ and give them recognition was also a unique experience for me.
As a big Dornenreich and Agalloch fan, I was doubly rewarded when I met Eviga and John in person.

Both performances were absolutely overwhelming for me, especially Dornenreich, who I had the pleasure of seeing live many years ago, but then with their acoustic performance and this time as a metal act, was a whole new impression.

I also experienced Agalloch for the second time, but not at all comparable to that time. I saw people crying, I met people who travelled halfway around the world just for this gig and this energy and passion for the same music was unique.

All the bands showed their skills and I don’t think anyone was disappointed. For me personally, it was definitely not the last Prophecy Fest and I can only advise everyone who lives and loves this music to have visited it once.

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