LINDEMANN on Tour in Autumn 2023!

Till Lindemann – industrial metal genius and Rammstein singer, is going on tour again this fall. In his luggage: new songs by the German artist, who is known worldwide for his imagery-rich and powerful lyrics.

Live, he stages his tracks artfully and dramatically. For his 2023 European tour, 24 shows are scheduled in 13 countries.Till Lindemann is not only a talented musician, he is a phenomenon. His concerts are as impressive as a volcanic eruption, when you stand in the epicenter while singing „Stand up!“ with maximum power. Millions of fans around the world are thrilled by his charisma, artistry and brute energy.

Till Lindemann is known worldwide for his vocal power and provides an overwhelming goosebump feeling live.Experience live on tour for yourself now: Till Lindemann with more metal, old and new songs, more videos, special effects and the incredible presence of one of the best frontmen in rock.