EISBRECHER released last Friday the single „Wir sind Gold:

It is almost a tradition that for round and half-round band birthdays a summary of their work is published, so now also for the twentieth anniversary.

But before on August 18, the power work Eisbrecher – „Es bleibt kalt°! (2003-2023)“ will be released as a 2CD digipack, double vinyl (one black, one white) and digital audio longplay, the track „Wir sind Gold“ will be released on July 7 to coincide with the pre-order launch of the album. This song was previously only available on a special promo CD and the U.S. version of „Sturmfahrt“ and has been digitally unreleased to date.

It is not flawlessly handed down whether the track „Wir sind Gold“ is a result of the gold award for the albums „Die Hölle muss warten“ and Schock, but with Eisbrecher nothing happens without vision and without a wink.

Almost nothing. To finally make the track, which is highly traded on eBay, accessible to the fans it will be released in advance not only as a single, but also as a lyric video will be available on YouTube.

The perfect mood is guaranteed, the waiting time for the next album shortened. 40 hits in 20 years, no other, especially hard German band, imitates that so quickly. The status as an extraordinary phenomenon of the local music scene is solidified.

The best: The next 20 Eisbrecher years begin here and now, unpredictable and unstoppable, but with one guarantee: It stays cold!

The song ist available here:


The video for „We are gold“ can be seen here: