ELWOOD STRAY – Gone With The Flow – Release: 30.06.23

Elwood Stray’s debut album “Gone With The Flow” is a catchy yet fierce experience for any rock or metalcore lover out there looking for their new favourite album.

1. Outcast
2. Playing Along
3. Half-Life
4. Decay
5. Uncertain Me
6. No Cure
7. Four Shells
8. Seasons
9. Relieved
10. Negative
11. Pendulum

Outcast“ opens up with a wild and fat modern metal sound. Huge momentum in between chuggy break sections create an anthemic pop rock sound, combined with a modern metalcore side and stomping beats. Elwood Stray’s strong clean vocals first shine through in “Playing Along” and easily catch up with the band’s hardcore driven sound, which is also found in heavy-hitting tracks like “Negative” and “No Cure”. The latter even drifts into nu-metalcore waters with one of the most uncompromising breakdowns you’ll ever hear.

Apart from their heavy side that often shows in a nasty attitude, there’s a decent amount of modern rock elements in some tracks (“Decay”) besides the refrains. A short homage to film scores is found in “Four Shells”, a calm interlude that perfectly prepares for the melodic hardcore-driven “Seasons” – a song that every fan of the genre will absolutely love. The album culminates in “Pendulum”, the album’s emotional climax and perfect closer to it.

Straight to the point, Elwood Stray’s „Gone With The Flow“ won’t leave any questions about the band’s quality without making any prisoners. Imagine a more modern version of 2010’s hardcore, combined with an edge and fulfilled by thick production and you’ll get close to how “Gone With The Flow” sounds.

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