Pagan Folk Metal Giants HEIDEVOLK Share Lyric Video for Final Album Single “De Strijd Duurt Voort“!

This Friday, February 24, 2023 sees pagan folk metal masters Heidevolk release their brand new, seventh studio album WEDERKEER via Napalm Records .

In a world of myths, nature and legends of the Veluwe region of the Netherlands, the band’s upcoming concept album – based on the interpretations of the runes – is a powerful odyssey, deeply rooted in metal and folklore. With dual clean vocals, irresistibly catchy songs, traditional instruments and fast metal riffing all fueled by their folkloric fire and pagan pride, HEIDEVOLK delivers an uncompromising sound and musical adventure. WEDERKEER (meaning to “return” or “revive”), makes no exception, and proves why the Arnhem-based six-piece is one of the best, unrivaled and most exciting bands of their genre and beyond.

“De Strijd Duurt Voort” is the final single ahead of HEIDEVOLK’s upcoming record release, and merges folkloric soundscapes, fast-paced riffs and huge choirs. This is folk metal power at its best!

Watch the new HEIDEVOLK lyric video for “De Strijd Duurt Voort” here:

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23.02.2023 (NL) Arnhem / LuxorLive
24.02.2023 (NL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
25.02.2023 (DE) Oberhausen / Helvete
26.02.2023 (NL) Drachten / Iduna

Bass guitars, backing vocals: Rowan Roodbaert
Guitars, backing vocals: Koen Vuurdichter
Vocals, accordion: Jacco Bühnebeest
Guitars: Mat Snaerenslijper
Vocals: Daniël Den Dorstighe
Drums: Kevin Houtsplijter