With „OBITVS“, DEA VELATA invites you on a musical hero’s journeyin the footsteps of Odysseus

From the mythology of ancient Rome and Greece to 21st century Hollywood, a wonderful idea dominates storytelling: No hero without a hero’s journey.

Whether it’s the odyssey of Odysseus, which once defined the principle of the hero’s journey, or, at the other end of the spectrum, the losses, horrors and victories of Ellen Ripley, still considered by many to be the best example in the history of fantastic film, if we don’t witness the character of a hero or heroine being created, broken and reshaped, we don’t develop a belief in heroism.

And now, in a time of hectic clicks and puddle-shallow narrative depths in which once epic film universes are now drying up, this longing for the narrative power of antiquity and the fascination it is capable of awakening in us is resurfacing among critics and fans alike.

With DEA VELATA, this longing has now also found its way into music – and on several levels. First of all, with the very own instrumental hero’s journey of New York guitarist Gabby Abularach, who has been a studied classical and jazz guitarist with metal genes for more than 20 years and who refined the studio recordings and world tours of NYHC legends CRO MAGS and later repeated the same as a founding member of VOODOOCULT.

In addition to these energetic wrecking balls, Gabby also brought his six-string magic to legendary recordings by the likes of CARLOS SANTANA, EVERLAST, KORN and JOHN SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION.

The very first track from „DEA VELATA“ is now available as a video single with „OBITVS“, which gilds ancient and classical music with a touch of progressive metal:

DEA VELATA online: