ILLDISPOSED – In Chambers Of Sonic Disgust- Release: 28.06.24 – Genre: Death Metal

This is the first release of new music from ILLDISPOSED since 2019!

It is definitely not normal to see a gap like this between their releases, but several events slowed down the process. First, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the music industry and made the band focus on other things for a while.

Then guitar player Rasmus Henriksen was diagnosed with brain cancer. Rasmus has now left the band to focus 100% on the treatment. Former guitar player Ken Holst is back in the band, replacing Rasmus.

And now ILLDISPOSED are finally back to show the world how years of crisis and struggle have been transcribed to music.

„In Chambers Of Sonic Disgust“ is full of anger and frustration, and the most ambitious and creative ILLDISPOSED album – ever!

Listen to the album right here on Spotify and order a physical copy: