SUNFALL – Les Morts Sont Nés -Release: 28.06.24 – Genre: Metalcore

Today marks the release of „Les Morts Sont Nés Ici,“ the eagerly anticipated debut album from UK’s rising nu-core band, Sunfall
The album title, translating to „The Dead Were Born Here,“ reflects on the myriad global crises impacting our world. It captures a poignant narrative of early demise induced by political, environmental, economic, and social regression. This release is not just an array of songs but a deep, thematic exploration of the bleak realities facing our society today.

„Les Morts Sont Nés Ici“ traverses through various emotions and stories, from the echoing despair in „Blood Moon“ to the raw aggression found in „Reapers“ feat. TEN56. Each track meticulously crafts a narrative that resonates with the struggles of our current times, serving as both a reflection and a cathartic expression of the collective fears and pains associated with loss and mortality. Stream the new Sunfall album, „Les Morts Sont Nés Ici,“ now HERE.
 Track Listing:
 1. Non Existence
 2. Nothing
 3. Reapers
 4. Infinite Violent Potentia
 5. Downtown Death
 6. Blood Moon
 7. Pain Inc. (Part 1)
 8. Pain Inc. (Part 2)
 9. Broken Mirror
 10. Lies
 11. Down We Go
 12. Les Morts Sont Nés Ici
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 Sunfall are:
 Aidan Cooper – vocals
 Oliver Welzen-James – guitar
 James Titcomb – bass
 Ryan Wood – drums