Blackened Doom Metal act LOATHER shares second single of upcoming album; „Eis“ to be released June 23rd on Vendetta Records! 

Vienna, Austria based Blackened Doom Metal act LOATHER is gearing up for the release of the band’s debut full-length record, entitled „Eis“, which will see the light of day on June 23rd via Vendetta Records. Following the release of the first single „Holler Your Name“, LOATHER have shared the next intense glimpse of the soon to be released album today. Listen to „Mortuary“ here:

The band comments: 

‚Mortuary‘ is about looking down into the grave of a beloved person: to feel all of the unseized moments, the lack of possibilities as well as the possibility of absence. It’s the beginning of an end that lives on in the mourning of those left behind. Sonically it continues the journey towards Loathers upcoming debut album ‚Eis‘ with hypnotizing rhythms that build themselves up twice to resolve in unforgiving sections of furious double-bass drumming and tremolo picked icicle guitars.

As the name suggests, „Eis“ (German for “ice”) is a rather chilling affair and while it is not a concept album at heart, themes of loss and interpersonal struggle can be heard in the soothing voices and desperate screams strewn across the icy landscape. After releasing a demo and two EPs, LOATHER take their unique brand of Blackened Narcotic Metal into new, sometimes unexpected realms with their upcoming debut – rest assured that the end result will ignite your heart while chilling you to the bone at the same time.

„Eis“ will be coming out on June 23rd via Vendetta Records and is available for digital pre-order at THIS LOCATION. Physical formats to follow with the release of the album. 


01. Ephemeral
02. Holler Your Name

03. Mortuary
04. Eis
05. Lost Sight
06. Proper Burial

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