DOREA’s Debut Video “Hypnotic” Ensnares You Into Another Consciousness

Canada’s Dorea is a fresh metal band on the scene that features high energy, tightness, and precision, a clear, modern sound with both clean and harsh vocals, insane guitar solos, and crushing drums. They are eager to introduce themselves to the world with their debut single along with many others they have recorded since their inception.

They have carefully chosen their forthcoming music to show listeners what they’re capable of and they deliver nothing less than catchy hooks, moving lyrics, and melodies that give way to bone-shaking riffs. The band’s first introduction “Hypnotic” is presented with a dark and gloomy music video, which complements the dark theme of the lyrics. The band shares their thoughts:

“This song speaks about a man that loses everything he has, reminiscing about his past life and searching for truth in answers he never found. The song has everything from ballads to ripping guitar solos and complex riffing. It’s a melting pot of styles. We hope the fans perceive the sound as something fresh & unique. We continue to write music because it is our passion and we want to leave behind a legacy and repertoire of timeless music.”

Devoted to making the songs as groovy, heavy, melodic, and catchy as possible while at the same time adding elements of virtuosity, Dorea’s goal is to entice listeners to sing along to the hooks and at the same time, appreciate the musicianship and technical aspects of each member’s individual performance.

Their music is colorful, rich in its diversity of styles, with even some pop elements that can be heard from time to time. „Hypnotic“ was chosen as the debut single as it is the most accessible in terms of its diversity of listening ability. It takes the audience on a journey by creating complex structures with fluid transitions, but unexpected heaviness hits you right in the face.

There is no fluff with Dorea, and they are devoid of any theatricals, they are simply three metal dudes writing and performing some of the best material they can. Edgy, and familiar, Dorea is recommended for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Symphony X, and Opeth.

Watch  „Hypnotic“ here:

Dorea is:
Hugo McSween – Vocals
Manuel Iradian – All Guitars/ Bass/ Vsts
Kevin Alexander – Drums

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