Ensiferum: Tour starts at the end of March!

Properly fast, driving metal songs with Viking/Pagan themes and fat anthemic choirs to sing along to. Varied and exuberant, yet perfectly rounded – ENSIFERUM have not only dedicated themselves to this style since the mid-90s, but have helped shape it, defined it and finally perfected it.

So rightly so these lovable Finns are celebrated as the epitome when it comes to fusing folk with traditional and extreme metal authentically and successfully.

On „Thalassic“, the eighth studio album released in 2020, Ensiferum are a little more atmospheric and variable, but primarily remain true to themselves: This is folk metal at its finest!

Thanks to their rousing and convincing live shows, the Norsemen have garnered a large, loyal fan base. You don’t just like to watch the boys, you celebrate with them, rage, sing, dance, have fun and never forget the evening again.

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