ENGST released new Single / Video ‚Was wäre wenn‘!

‚Was wäre wenn‘ (what if) – everyone asks this question at least once in their life, if not every day. We live in a world that unfortunately offers very little room for our dreams and hopes. Go to school, learn something decent, get married, build a house and that’s it for the most of us. But there must be more?
Yes, there is more, at least that’s how the guys from ENGST see it and try to give their fans something to think about with their new song.

Singer Matthias worked for a long time in nursing and accompanied people in the last chapter of their lives and experienced far too often that people regret their mistakes, but even had more regrets they never made them. At the end of life, however, there shouldn’t be open questions and only when you have tried and failed you know that it is time to do something different and change course.

Watch/stream the new single ‚Was wäre wenn‘ now: