Atmospheric Black Metal Act GYRDLEAH Shares New Single „Spellbinder“!

Conceptualized by sole member ‘Flagrum’ from Birmingham, England, Gyrdleah has been festering away in the darkness awaiting to emerge from the abyss of obscurity since the first EP, „Passage Into The Night“ released in 2017. Navigating through the recent years of death and plague Gyrdleah’s path has led to the upcoming debut full-length album „Spellbinder“. A journey of self-revelation, undying will, an homage to nature, and a celebration of the dark arts.

Recorded at Foel Studio by Chris Fielding of Conan (responsible for recording bands such as Winterfylleth, Electric Wizard, Primordial, Conan, Dyscarnate, Cerebral Bore, Latitudes, Witchsorrow, Mourning Beloveth, The Wounded Kings plus many more), Gyrdleah has managed to create its own unique sound that shows the true grandeur of its musical capabilities. Many will be left in shock and awe once they have heard this superb blackened metal album.

After the release of the first single „VVitch“, Gyrdleah follows up today with the album’s title track. Listen to „Spellbinder“ here:

Spellbinder“ will be coming out on April 21 via Black Lion Records and is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

Gyrdleah is:

Flagrum: Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Alex Micklewright: Session Drums


  1. Stab The Lamb
  2. Gyfu
  3. Gathered For The Murder
  4. Approaching Gyrdleah
  5. Speak Of The Devil
  6. Spellbinder
  7. VVitch
  8. Six Hundred Threescore And Six
  9. Outro

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