Belgium-based dance-postpunk quartet KORINTHIANS has released a new single, announcing their new upcoming album!

Watch here the video:

KORINTHIANS is a dance-postpunk quartet from Ghent, Belgium, characterized by some as “the 2020s version of Editors” (De Standaard, BE), “postpunk refreshingly different” (Dark Life Experience, DE), “new-romantic darkwave” (Stereo Embers Magazine, US), and “the guitar version of Depeche Mode (their previous label boss, BE), though they find their inspiration in diverse artists such as Goose, Mogwai, The Soft Moon, Boytronic, Igor Stravinsky and sci-fi soundtracks.
After the release of their debut album Chaos/Control in December 2019 and the subsequent pandemic, 2022 was the year of their breakthrough:

Festivals: Sinner’s Day (BE), Dark Skies Over Witten (DE), Porta Nigra Festival (BE), Into The Dark (BE)

A German mini-tour

Support slots of Traitrs (CAN), The Invincible Spirit (DE), She Wants Revenge (US) and The Sheila Divine (US).