UK Goth Rock Band, SIRENS OF LIGHT Go Dark With New Concept Album

UK goth rock band, Sirens Of Light have just unveiled their latest release; the full-length LP, Nullus Margis Gothica MMXXI.

Resurrected from the recently-discovered, dusty multi-track master recordings Nullus Margis Gothica MMXXI was originally conceived as a concept album dealing with three main themes; the power of the feminine, belief systems and how the individual constructs their reality around these concepts.

Putting these ideas against a dark, moody and theatrical musical soundscape seemed a natural progression. The album was designed to be listened to from beginning to end to take the listener on an emotional journey through the record rather than a set of unrelated songs….hence the release of an album and not an endless procession of singles

The inspiration for the songs is varied. „Justine“, „Maria“, „Siren Of Light“ and „Succubus‘ Requiem“ are explorations of the feminine, it’s power and influence. „Flames Of Kane“ looks at organized religion and it’s inherent violence. „Rearrange“ and „The Prayer“ deal with the loneliness of the human condition.

Nullus Margis Gothica MMXXI is a dark, emotional, thought-provoking, sometimes bleak, sometimes macabre but always intense journey for the listener.

Available on limited edition CD and digital formats via Bandcamp. The album will be distributed globally beginning on January 20 via Code 7 Music.

Watch the latest video here: